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Sunflower Face Scrub

Sunflower Face Scrub

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Immerse yourself in the revitalizing experience of our Sunflower Face Scrub, a creamy exfoliator designed to gently eliminate dead cells and rough skin, leaving you with a refined texture and nourished, supple finish. This gentle yet effective formula creates a protective film on the skin's surface, preventing excessive moisture loss and promoting a restored, polished, and radiant complexion.

Infused with a harmonious blend of Jojoba, Sweet Almond, and Olive oil, our face scrub hydrates and buffs away dry, dull skin, providing a silky-smooth and lubricating feel. The addition of naturally derived Sunflower wax beads offers a gentle exfoliation, leaving behind a luxurious after-feel that serves as a sensory indicator of the scrub's effectiveness.

Formulated with rich natural plant extracts, our Sunflower Face Scrub goes beyond exfoliation. It detoxifies the skin while neutralizing pollution particles and toxins, offering a holistic approach to skincare. As a natural and paraben-free product made in Canada, you can indulge in this scrub with confidence, knowing it's crafted to enhance your skin's health and radiance.

Net weight of 125ml / 4oz
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