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Cosmic Shimmer Stardust

Cosmic Shimmer Stardust

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Elevate your glamour game with our Cosmic Shimmer Stardust, a finely-grained mineral that adds a touch of celestial magic to your lips, nails, body, or eyes. This versatile star dust allows you to unleash your creativity and create mesmerizing looks that shimmer and shine.

Whether you're aiming for a celestial glow on your eyes, a cosmic touch to your lips, or a radiant sparkle on your nails or body, the possibilities are endless. Our Cosmic Shimmer Stardust is designed to glamify yourself in a way that reflects your unique style and personality.

The finely-grained mineral composition ensures a smooth and easy application, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate this stardust into your beauty routine. Illuminate your features with a touch of cosmic magic, leaving a trail of shimmer wherever you go. Elevate your makeup game with Cosmic Shimmer Stardust and let your inner star shine bright.

Net weight of 0.17oz / 5g
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