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Ultrafine Luminescent Illuminator

Ultrafine Luminescent Illuminator

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Launching our Ultrafine Luminescent Illuminator, a sheer cream liquid that elevates your skin with a soft, natural glow. This formula is enriched with ultrafine luminescent pearls, creating a prismatic effect that absorbs, reflects, and refracts light for a polished, natural-looking radiance. Water-light and sheer, this illuminator seamlessly adjusts in any light, ensuring your refined glow is never lost.

This sheer cream liquid is designed to perfect your skin, featuring light-reflecting pearls that delicately enhance your complexion. The ultrafine luminescent pearls contribute to a radiant, luminous finish that appears polished and effortlessly natural.

The prismatic effect of this illuminator allows it to adapt to different lighting conditions, ensuring that your refined glow remains consistent and captivating. Whether in natural sunlight or artificial lighting, the Ultrafine Luminescent Illuminator delivers a soft, luminous radiance that enhances your natural beauty.

Net weight of 0.68oz / 20ml
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