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Hand & Body Mositurizer

Hand & Body Mositurizer

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    Indulge in the richness of our Botanically Rich Hand & Body Moisturizer, a non-greasy lotion that swiftly absorbs, restoring skin elasticity and providing deep, long-lasting hydration. This rejuvenating formula is crafted to calm irritated skin, making it ideal for replenishing lost moisture and restoring the skin's soft, silky feel.

    Enriched with highly concentrated Aloe Vera, our moisturizer offers instant relief for dry, irritated, and sun-damaged skin. Aloe Vera's potent moisturizing and nourishing properties work in harmony to detoxify the skin and promote the regeneration and repair of the connective layer.

    This lotion is not limited to the body; it's excellent for the face and hands as well, acting as a shield against the effects of pollution and environmental stressors. With regular use, your skin will be visibly calmed, balanced, and nurtured back to its healthy-looking best.

    Net weight of 8oz / 250ml
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