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Black Brow Fix

Black Brow Fix

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Introducing our Black Brow Fix, a revolutionary gel-mousse brow building formula that transforms your eyebrows with unprecedented ease and longevity. This innovative product boasts an ultra-fast drying formula that sets in mere seconds, creating a flawless eyebrow look that lasts an impressive 1 to 2 days without a hint of budging.

Say goodbye to smudging, transferring, and worrying about touch-ups, as our Black Brow Fix is designed to be smudge-proof, transfer-proof, and waterproof. This exceptional formula is specifically crafted to help build full, defined brows from scratch, offering a one-stop solution for coloring, shaping, and sealing your brows in one swift application.

Experience the magic of eyebrows that last as long as you do, all without the need for additional products. The light and airy consistency of the mousse allow for a natural glide onto your brows, ensuring a seamless blend without any harsh lines or waxy buildup. Even the sparsest brows can be transformed into bold statements with our Black Brow Fix, adhering effortlessly to both skin and hair.

Net weight of 0.0246oz / 7g
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